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Thorough Trust Administration Representation

More and more people are finding that creating a trust, or series of trusts, to pass assets on to their loved ones is an efficient form of estate planning. Trusts are valuable tools that can be used to avoid probate. Transferring assets after death through the trust administration process is generally advantageous over the probate process. Often, assets can be distributed more promptly through trust documents than through the probate process.

Trust administration is an important legal process that effectively transfers a loved one’s assets that are held in trust to the proper beneficiaries. Like the probate process, trust administration is complicated, both for the individuals who are chosen to oversee the trust administration process, as well as for the family members and beneficiaries who may be entitled to inherit from the deceased.

Ensuring Trust Terms Are Handled With Precision

Trustees have big responsibilities in administering a trust. The technical and legal responsibilities are compounded by the duty to manage and distribute trust assets for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries. At Zapolis & Associates, P.C., in Mokena, our lawyers have substantial experience in efficiently and effectively helping trustees ensure that the terms of the trust are being properly administered — and in line with Illinois law.

Although trust administration can be accomplished without the need for probate court, there are requirements to document assets, notify beneficiaries, pay debts and manage or distribute trust assets under the terms of the trust instruments. Our law firm has decades of experience working with trustees and beneficiaries to ensure that fiduciary duties are upheld and the administration process is handled with the least cost and conflict as possible.

When trust disputes do arise, we are fully prepared to step in to represent trustees or beneficiaries in trust litigation.

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Whether you are a trustee who needs guidance to ensure that you are fulfilling your fiduciary duties, or a beneficiary who believes that assets or distributions are being mishandled, we are here to provide seasoned representation. To learn how since 1980, more than 40 years of trust administration experience can benefit you, send us an email or call 708-390-8936. We serve clients across the Chicago metropolitan area and throughout Northern Illinois.