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Protect Your Loved One Through Guardianship

When an individual is no longer able to make important decisions for herself or himself, family members often need to step in and take action to obtain legal authority to manage their loved ones affairs. A family member or other concerned adult may need to be appointed as a guardian to make health care decisions and/or manage the financial affairs of their loved one.

At Zapolis & Associates, P.C., in Mokena, we can help you to ensure the well-being of your loved one through creating a guardianship in probate court. Unfortunately, as we age, the prospect of dementia, Alzheimer’s or other conditions can necessitate the need for a legal guardianship. A serious accident or debilitating illness, however, can arise at any age throughout an adult’s life. Similarly, parents may need to establish a guardianship for a child with developmental disabilities or other special needs.

Get The Legal Authority You Need To Care For Your Family Member

Guardianships are often necessary to provide loved ones with the legal authority to address health care, personal care and financial issues. If an adult becomes incapacitated and does not have a living will, powers of attorney, trust documents to manage assets or other estate planning instruments in place, a guardianship may be necessary. Our guardianship and probate attorneys can guide you through every step of the process. The most common reasons to apply for guardianship in Illinois include:

  • A adult loved one is no longer capable of making decisions for himself or herself due to mental deterioration, mental illness or physical incapacity
  • A minor child with special needs reaches the age of 18 and due to mental or physical impairments the child is not capable of making important decisions about personal care of finances in adult life
  • A minor child has lost both parents and a guardian is needed to care for the child

To successfully obtain an appointment as a guardian, you will need to prove the individual, called the ward, is incapacitated. Since 1980, more than 40 years of experience in probate courts throughout the Chicago metropolitan area and Northern Illinois. We will work with you to prepare a solid case to efficiently work through the complex process. You will have access to your lawyer every step of the way. Our goal is to provide you with the support and advocacy you deserve to obtain the best results possible.

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