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What are some reasons to have trusts in your estate plan?

If you want to do all you can to protect your estate, then it may be smart to set up a trust. A trust should be considered to be an essential part of your estate plan because of the potential benefits. However, most estate plans don't actually establish a trust, even though they're fairly easy to set up.

Consider a special needs trust for your child's inheritance

If you have a child with a disability that you'd like to take care of if you pass away, then you may want to set up a special needs trust. A special needs trust is created to hold assets that are to be managed for another person's benefit. For example, you could set aside $100,000 for your disabled adult child and have a trustee manage those funds for them.

What can't trusts do?

Trusts are good addition to most estate plans. Not only can they help you avoid probate, they also allow you to disperse assets according to certain rules and conditions. However, some assets shouldn't be placed in a trust, according to The Balance. Using a trust effectively offers the greatest benefit to your heirs, as well as your estate. 

Passing your wealth to beneficiaries with guidelines

If you are fortunate enough to leave an inheritance of any size to your children in Illinois, you may decide to ensure they do not squander it. If it contains significant assets, proper preparation requires more than a will. The estate planning process offers tools that ensure that you can continue providing for your beneficiaries after you pass away. At Zapolis & Associates, we often help clients create trusts that help them pass wealth to their heirs in the most beneficial way possible.

Build your legacy for future generations

Adding a trust to your Illinois will can help you control your estate and pass it on to the beneficiaries of your choice. For individuals with significant assets, this financial tool can help protect their wealth for generations. At Zapolis & Associates, we often assist clients in the preparation of trusts, wills and other estate planning tools.

What are the differences in an irrevocable and revocable trust?

Illinois families who are trying to settle their assets for after they die may want to learn more about a trust. Investopedia defines a living trust as the same thing as a revocable trust, but an irrevocable trust is also an option. Before you make choices with a lifetime of assets and wealth, it is important that you understand the difference.

Talking about a special needs trust with your family

If someone in your family has special needs, your entire family may be concerned about their well-being and worried about their future. We understand how worrisome these issues can be, but there are a number of ways that people can help ensure that loved ones with special needs are taken care of in the years ahead. For example, special needs trusts can be very beneficial in this regard, allowing your loved one with special needs to retain eligibility for government assistance while also receiving assets from your trust. However, it may be necessary to go over this option with your family members.

Is my work done after I have set up a trust?

Finishing the paperwork that establishes your trust in Illinois can be a satisfying feeling. You likely feel that you have ensured your children or any heirs you have designated will receive their inheritance. However, the fact is you have to maintain your trust to make sure it functions as you intend. Simply leaving your trust alone is a mistake. In fact, your trust may not even pay out to its beneficiaries if you neglect it.

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