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Powers of attorney in Illinois

Many people may associate incapacitation with dementia and other mental health issues more likely to affect the elderly. However, a stroke often renders people unable to conduct their own affairs. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, it is the number one reason Americans suffer serious, long-term disabilities.

Misconceptions about property ownership and estate planning

You may have heard that there are a variety of ways to leave your estate to your heirs so that you protect your assets from taxes and probate. Many of these hinge on whose name is on the title or account. Choosing the right type of ownership for your circumstances is essential, but keep in mind that what is "common knowledge" may be a misconception.

3 weird title problems real estate professionals face

As someone in the real estate industry, you know that listing a property is usually fairly straightforward. Most of the time, you simply meet with the owners, negotiate with them and draft a listing agreement. Representing the owners throughout the listing process is generally easy. 

3 important things to include in your estate plans

One reason many people in the Mokena area create estate plans is to reduce the amount of conflict that may occur between their family members after they die. They believe they only need to create wills. There are other estate planning documents they should consider using to protect their estates and prevent disputes. 

Unique estate planning considerations for blended families

In many areas of Illinois, the typical family is blended. That is, there are exes, stepparents, stepchildren, step-grandparents and the like. Each blended family is unique, but many have specific estate planning considerations that may not apply to "traditional" families.

Can millennials warm to the idea of estate planning?

If you are a young professional, your days are no doubt very full. You are focused on your career, you enjoy time with your friends and you are into experiencing what life has to offer in terms of new people, places and things. If the subject of estate planning comes up at any point, you probably brush it aside, figuring you should not have to think about it for many years yet.

4 reasons to establish a trust

Estate planning consists of more than just creating a will. In fact, a will often is not sufficient for all your estate needs. When it comes to protecting and distributing your assets, you should consider establishing a trust instead.

Contesting a will for lack of capacity

Testamentary capacity constitutes one of the basic requirements for the validity of a will. Often, heirs or beneficiaries unhappy with a will's provisions consider challenging the will by alleging the testator lacked proper capacity. Illinois law and case history offers some guidelines for the definition and proof of incapacity that could invalidate a will.

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