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Talk about your estate plan this holiday season

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Estate Planning |

The holidays are a great time for estate planning. While you might think this time of year is too busy to even think about your estate, the reality is that this is the one time of year when you’re more likely to see everyone who needs to be informed about it.

It’s a good time to talk about estate planning because it might be the only time you have to sit down with everyone who is named in your estate plan, for example, and talk about what you’re planning. People tend to shy away from talking about death, and there are reasons for that. However, the reality is that all people do pass away, so talking about estate planning is unavoidable.

How can you bring up your will or estate plan when you’re seeing your family?

Sometimes, it’s best just to be straightforward. You can sit everyone down and say you’d like to have a positive conversation about your estate plan with them. Some people may not want to talk about it or might think this isn’t a good time, but you can remind them that this is the time when you’re all together. While you’re appreciating your family, you want to discuss your estate plan.

Good communication can help prevent serious problems with your estate plan in the future. While some people may not want to think about death at this time of the year, it’s eventually unavoidable for everyone. Be gentle about bringing up the topic, and make sure you have time to answer questions that anyone may have for you.