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Family conflict and deciding to remove a beneficiary

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Estate Planning |

When conflict in a family occurs, it can be very difficult for the entire family. Many disagreements are centered around money, property and important assets, and conflict may also arise due to longstanding resentments, disagreement over the decisions a loved one makes, substance abuse and many other factors. In fact, estate plans are the source of many family conflicts, whether siblings disagree over how property is being split up or they are upset with how authority over the estate has been assigned. In some instances, this conflict can be very serious, and may even prompt someone to remove a family member from their estate plan altogether.

Sometimes, family conflict is relatively minor, and all parties can move beyond the drama and disagreement. In other cases, conflict may lead to long-term hostility, threats, substance abuse and even violence. If one of your family members has become estranged from the family, or their behavior has given rise to serious concerns, it is important to approach this matter appropriately. Those who have estate plans should never feel bullied or pressured into making decisions regarding their estate, but this occurs quite often.

If you are thinking about removing a beneficiary due to family conflict (or any other issue), it is important to carefully review your options and the potential impact of your decision. We understand the multitude of factors that can come into play when people make changes to their estate plan, and it is essential to thoroughly review your options with regard to estate plan revision.