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How can I choose the right health care proxy?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2018 | Estate Planning |

A health care proxy is a person you appoint to make important medical decisions when you’re no longer able, usually due to incapacity brought on by injury or illness. Even if you have documents in place stating your wishes, these may be disputed by your family. Because decisions related to your medical care are so crucial, Forbes offers the following guidance.

Is the person capable of standing up for your wishes?

Your family may disagree with your end-of-life wishes. In fact, this is a very common circumstance and the reason people have health care proxies in the first place. Make sure the person you choose feels comfortable standing up to dissenting family members to ensure you receive the type of care you desire.

Will they be able to put their own beliefs aside?

It can be tough to put your own beliefs aside when it comes to something like end-of-life care. However, it’s imperative that your loved one does so to ensure your final wishes are upheld. If you’re at odds about these beliefs, you may want to consider choosing someone else. This will prevent conflict down the line if your proxy feels unable to carry about duties.

Are they willing to ask for clarification?

Medical terminology is often complex. In this case, your proxy may need to ask for clarification on certain topics so that he or she is able to understand just what your doctors are saying. When a person is unwilling to ask for an explanation, they may be unable to carry out their duties as a health care proxy. Make sure the person you choose feels comfortable doing so or has enough medical knowledge to have an understanding.