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Does my parent with Alzheimer’s need a guardian?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Guardianships |

When your parent is diagnosed by an Illinois medical provider with Alzheimer’s, it can be difficult to process for everyone involved. This disease will change your parent’s life and yours. Plus, there is no cure, and treatment options are limited. The best course of action after a diagnosis is to figure out the future and plan for the care your parent will need in the long term. This may include a guardianship.

Parentgiving explains that you do not have to set up a guardianship right away, but you should watch for signs that one is needed before your loved one’s condition has become too advanced. This will help guarantee safety and see that your parent gets proper treatment and care.

As time goes on, the disease will rob your parent of many mental abilities. It is not just about losing memories. He or she may not be able to do routine daily tasks, may lose control of his or her bodily functions and simply be unable to safely care for him or herself. A guardianship can enable you to take proper care of your parent when he or she reaches this point. It is easiest to set this up before the disease progresses to the point where you are actually needed to make decisions.

However, if your parent does not set up plans to have you put in place as a guardian, then the court can do so. This is just a natural part of the disease, so planning ahead can save everyone from the hassle. This information is for education and is not legal advice.