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Does my parent with Alzheimer's need a guardian?

When your parent is diagnosed by an Illinois medical provider with Alzheimer's, it can be difficult to process for everyone involved. This disease will change your parent's life and yours. Plus, there is no cure, and treatment options are limited. The best course of action after a diagnosis is to figure out the future and plan for the care your parent will need in the long term. This may include a guardianship.

The many benefits of a living trust

At Zapolis & Associates, PC, in Illinois, we know that many people neglect to make a will or engage in any other estate planning throughout their entire lives. Other people, however, take a much more thoughtful and reasoned approach to their ever-growing estates so as to ensure that they not only attain their financial goals, but also that their assets ultimately go to the people they want them to. If you are one of these latter people, you may wish to establish a living trust to protect your assets.

What are the grounds to contest a will?

It may seem like contesting a will is something that happens all the time, but the reality is that there must be a good reason for the court to allow a will contest. The state of Illinois sets the guidelines for when a will can be contested. It is a good idea to understand them. Knowing the grounds can enable you to avoid issues with your own will or ensure a loved one's will will not be contested.

How Can I Locate a Lost 401(k)?

While it may seem impossible, it's quite easy to lose track of a retirement account. Maybe you changed jobs years ago and forgot to tie up any loose ends before you left. In this case you could have retirement money you lack access to, money that could make all the difference once you stop working for good. Forbes offers the following advice to help you track down a long-forgotten retirement plan in order to prepare for a bright financial future.

Understanding a special needs trust

As the parent of a special needs child in Illinois, you lead a full and busy life. Depending on the nature and severity of your child’s disability, caring for him or her may take nearly all of your time. You may sometimes worry and wonder about who will provide this needed care should (s)he outlive you.

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