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July 2017 Archives

Removal of an estate representative

In Illinois, a representative will usually be appointed where an estate needs to be administered according to the terms and provisions of a decedent’s will. After letters of administration are issued authorizing an estate representative to administer a decedent’s estate, certain duties and responsibilities attach to the representative.

4 reasons to establish a trust

Estate planning consists of more than just creating a will. In fact, a will often is not sufficient for all your estate needs. When it comes to protecting and distributing your assets, you should consider establishing a trust instead.

What are the benefits of a life insurance trust?

When you purchase life insurance for your family in Illinois, you may be thinking about covering your funeral costs and any end-of-life expenses such as hospital bills, as well as replacing lost income that you would have provided. In this way, even though you may not have extensive assets now, your heirs will not suffer financially. However, giving them a lump sum after your death may not be the best answer. Instead, NerdWallet notes that you may want to fund a trust with the payout from your life insurance.

How undue influence and mental capacity impact a will's validity

The death of a loved one in Illinois can be made even more difficult when the terms in his or her will come under question. When a will is challenged in court, two of the most common bases for its invalidity are lack of mental capacity and undue influence.

Contesting a will for lack of capacity

Testamentary capacity constitutes one of the basic requirements for the validity of a will. Often, heirs or beneficiaries unhappy with a will's provisions consider challenging the will by alleging the testator lacked proper capacity. Illinois law and case history offers some guidelines for the definition and proof of incapacity that could invalidate a will.

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